The Sky is Everywhere- Review

Title: The Sky is Everywhere

Author: Jandy Nelson

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance

Pages: 288

My rating: 4/5

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Mini Synopsis:

Lennie Walker, seventeen, Wuthering Heights obsessed, clarinet player, band geek. Also hopeless romantic, prone to scattering poems all over towns and as of for weeks ago, sisterless…

General opinion: 

I has extremely high expectations when  starting this book, because I’ve only ever heard amazing things about it! And I’m happy to say I really enjoyed this novel. First of all, the writing style in this is simply beautiful and breathtaking. I read and absorbed all the words so carefully because I wanted to savor all of them. This novel has a wonderful balance between touching/emotional parts and laugh-out-loud/fluffy moments. And this is what I appreciated the most about The Sky is Everywhere. It evoked all the emotions i could feel while reading a book and the overall experience will leave me remembering this novel for a very long time.

The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet.

The characters and story:

Lennie Walker is our main female protagonist. Throughout the novel I both loved and hated her. What I liked about her is that I found her to be very relatable and unique. She had her own personal traits, was funny and quirky and I loved reading from her POV. But my god, she made the most stupid of choices!! It was hard to read those parts without yelling “Lennie, no. JUST NO!” It was so frustrating, because she knew what the right choices were, but still went on and made these stupid ones. Sigh. Her indecisiveness also bugged me to no end. It was infuriating. But it all balances out, because what she does in the end to amend for all those mistakes is really sweet and shows that she has a good nature and good intentions.

The two boys in this love triangle fiasco are Toby and Joe. I didn’t like Toby in the beginning. His decisions just weren’t right and there were other ways he could have dealt with his emotions. But as the book progressed, I grew very sympathetic towards him and all he had to go through. By the end of the book, much like Lennie, he took responsibility for  his wrongs and amended them. Because of that, I can now really appreciate him as a person. But Joe, omg, he is everything. I was fond of him from his first appearance. He’s so adorable, nerdy, charming, caring and loyal. I loved the relationship between him and Lennie. I also admired how after all the hurt Lennie puts him through, he doesn’t easily let her forget it. Because of this the whole storyline felt very real and I adored that about it.

All the side characters are amazing (expect Rachel, duh)! Uncle Big and Gram were such hilarious, sweet and captivating characters. The relationship between them and Lennie was so adorable and heart-warming that I just smile thinking about it. I also loved the Fontaine brothers, they were great for comic relief! Lennie’s best friend, Sarah, was so lovable and their friendship was so real it was freaky! All characters in this book have unique traits that set them apart and are the reason they are not dull or boring.

I also admired the grieving aspect of this book. We get much insight on it from this novel and we get to go on a journey with Lennie as she struggles to overcome her sister’s death. I don’t think this novel sugar coats any aspect of loss, but gives us the whole ugly truth. Lennie’s development as the book comes to an end is breathtakingly memorable and enticing. She has grown so much in just 288 pages and I applaud Jandy Nelson for it.


The plot of this novel relies heavily on character development. I, personally, love a good character-driven book and I believe this is an amazing one. The characters unfolding is so enthralling and beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about it. The ending is also magnificent and does not disappoint! If you love contemporary YA, with romance and good message, then you should definitely give this a go!

I hope you all had a lovely day and I’ll see you in my next post ♥

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