10 Amazing September Releases to Get Excited About

september book releases.pngIt is a truth universally acknowledged that August has passed in the blink of an eye. Even though I am not quite prepared for September just yet because it means returning to university, I am excited about all the new book releases and thought I’d share those with you.

Most Anticipated September Releases

293869181. Wildcard by Marie Lu (18th of September)

I’ve just recently bought Warcross so I’m really happy I won’t have to wait a year for the sequel once I read it. I’ve missed Marie Lu’s writing so I hope I get to it soon. I heard mixed things about Wildcard from people who’ve received an ARC but fingers crossed it lives up to Warcross and makes a great conclusion!

348103202. Sadie by Courtney Summers (4th of September)

I’m not exaggerating when I say I see a review and praise for this book at least once a day if not more. I’ve never read a Courtney Summers book but I’m looking forward to see how she tackles the plot of a girl searching for her sister’s killer. I don’t often reach for YA mystery/thrillers but this is one I know I’ll have to pick up.

382553423. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White (25th of September)

Kiersten White is another other author whose books I’ve never read before but really want to. This particular book intrigued me because I read Frankenstein last year for university and I always enjoy a good retelling with a twist. In her book, Kiersten tells the story from the perspective of Elizabeth, an orphan who becomes Victor Frankenstein’s fiancée, and explores her character in a lot more depth and complexity than we get in the original story.

349663534. The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Jennifer Cervantes (18th of September)

This book is being published under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint and whatever Rick Riordan deems amazing I know I’ll love. I appreciate how this imprint is dedicated to find underrepresented middle grade authors to write stories about mythology from their own culture and heritage. The Storm Runner focuses on Maya mythology and anything that has heroes, gods, demons and a few giants, I’m down to read.

268565025. Vengeful by V.E Schwab (25th of September)

This whole list is an ode to authors I haven’t read yet but really want to. However I feel as though I am one of the few people who still hasn’t read a V.E Schwab book. Vicious is on the top of my TBR list and now that the sequel is coming out I really don’t have an excuse not to read it. I haven’t read a lot of books starring anti-heroes but those I’ve read I ended up loving, so I don’t doubt I’ll enjoy both Vicious and Vengeful.

5 Bonus Releases to Get Excited By


From left to right: The Leading Edge of Now (4th), Meet the Sky (4th), Summer Blue Bird (11th), Nightingale (25th), and Pride (18th)

What September releases are you excited about the most? Are any of the books on this list on your TBR? Did I miss out on any book coming out in September? Let’s chat in the comments! 

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11 thoughts on “10 Amazing September Releases to Get Excited About

  1. Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm says:

    Ah so many good ones! I just bought Warcross yesterday, and I’m so excited to finally read it. I’m planning on reading it closer to the release date of Wildcard 🙂 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sammie says:

    *flails* Not only is this month my birthday, but there are so many exciting books coming out! It’s going to be a good month, I can tell. 😉 The one I’m looking forward to the most is definitely The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Summer Bird Blue looks pretty darn good, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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